Conference and seminar papers

‘Public roles: translation and academic impact/outreach’, Resurgence and Rediscovery of German Literature in Translation, Leeds, 2 July 2011

‘“The stories behind the traces” (Gröschner): place, memory and text in contemporary Berlin short stories’, Maynooth, 28 April 2011

‘In-between places: space, memory, and text in short stories set in Berlin’, Larissa Boehning and Contemporary Literature symposium, Liverpool 9-10 April 2011

‘Lifewriting: Autobiography and Fiction in Herta Müller’s Texts’, German Studies Association annual conference, Oakland, CA, Oct 2010

‘Lifewriting: Herta Müller’s Nobel Prize-winning Life and Literature’, Picture YourSelf conference, Warwick, 8 May 2010.

‘“The stories behind the traces”: Place, Memory and Text in Contemporary German Short Stories’, ACLA annual conference, New Orleans, 1-4 April 2010.

Presentations on Kerstin Młynkec, Drachentochter, and Ulrike Draesner, Mitgift, at ‘New German Writing of the Twenty First Century and The German Novel Since 1990’, workshops, Leeds, Sept 2009.

‘Berlin Tales: Contemporary Literature in and on Berlin’, DAAD workshop, Cumberland Lodge, June 2009.

‘Berlin ist bekannt für die Mauer […] die es aber nicht mehr gibt’, research seminar paper, Oxford, Feb 2009; also given at departmental research seminar, Bangor, April 2009; and at GDR Histories and Memories study day, Liverpool, March 2010.

‘Geteilte Stadt, geteilter Himmel? Berlin Border Crossings in Post-Wende Fiction’, Berlin, Divided City 1945-1989, University of Texas at Austin, 27-29 March 2008.

‘Double Crossing: Gender in the City in Contemporary Literature in German’, CUTG annual conference, Bristol, 2–4 April 2007.

‘“Kanacke her, Almanci hin. […] Ich war ein Kreuzberger”: Berlin in Contemporary Turkish-German literature’, Kennst du das Land? Cultural Exchange in German Literature conference, Edinburgh, 14–15 Dec 2006.

‘Double Crossing: Gender in the City in Contemporary Literature in German’, German Studies Association annual conference, Pittsburgh, 29 Sept–Oct 1, 2006.

‘“Die Landschaft ihrer Gedanken”: autobiography and intertextuality in Irina Liebmann’s Berlin texts’, Katastrophe und ein Glücksfall: Life-Writing in Contemporary German Literature conference, Leeds, 29 June–1 July, 2006.

‘“Souvenirs de Berlin-Est”: History, Photos and Narrative Form in Recent Work by Sophie Calle, Daniela Dahn and Irina Liebmann’, given at departmental research seminars at Edinburgh (2005), Manchester (2006) and Swansea (2006).

‘“Auf der Suche nach der verneuerten Zeit”: Past and Present in Two Berlin Documentary Narratives’, Gender and the Imagined City Conference, IGRS, 17 June 2005.

‘The Trobadora’s Legacy: Two Generations of GDR Women Writers’, Contemporary Women Writers: Gender and Generation Conference, University of Bath, 30 March–1 April 2005.

‘“In allem ist der Riß”: Trauma and fragmentation in Herta Müller’s prose and collages’, Memory Contests Conference, University College Dublin, 24–26 June 2004.

‘“So fremd war das Gebilde”: The interaction between visual and verbal in Herta Müller’s collages’, Interactions: Contemporary German Literature’s Dialogue with the Arts Conference, Leeds, 5–7 May 2004.

‘“Nur manchmal mußten sie laut und unverhofft lachen”: the changing perspectives of Kerstin Hensel’s use of Märchen in the 1990s’, Recent German-Speaking Women Writers Symposium, Nottingham, 30 April–1 May 2004.

Joint paper with Wiebke Sievers, ‘Missing a heart beast: Positioning Herta Müller in English’, Shelving Translation Conference, Oxford, 17 April 2004.

‘Falling Down: Images of Trauma in Libuše Moníková’s work’, Neighbours and Strangers – Germany, Austria and Central Europe Conference, Salford, 9–11 July 2002.

‘“Wie ein Festmahl nach langer Hungerszeit”: Don Juan and Desire in Kerstin Hensel’s Early Work’, ‘Der langsame Blick’: Conference and Workshop, Swansea, 30 Sept–1 Oct 2000.

‘Women in Wheelchairs: marginalisation, social spaces and literature in Libuše Moníková’s Pavane für eine verstorbene Infantin and Ines Eck’s Steppenwolfidyllen’, WIGS Conference, Bristol, 13 Nov 1999.

‘Kerstin Hensel’s Grotesque Bodies: Images of Femininity’, New Novel Conference, Aberdeen, 6–8 April 1999.

‘“An und für sich ist Lügen schön”: the politics of lying in recent GDR women’s writing’, National Postgraduate Colloquium, London, 1 Nov 1998.


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