(mis)heard on the radio

“Coming up on Huey Morgan’s show on 6 Music next week, Kurt Weill…”

Sadly not a rare instance of correct German pronunciation on the radio, but a reference to the (really rather different) singer-songwriter Kurt Vile. An easy mistake to make for a Germanist with half an ear on the radio, even if it would be stretching Huey’s eclectic output a bit.

mack the knife still from Pabst filmI’m a fan of the real Kurt Weill anyway – I have a habit of singing songs from Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera, which he wrote, along with dramatist Bertolt Brecht) to long-suffering students – and it got me thinking. Huey of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, probably best known for the louche but catchy ‘Scooby Snacks’, in turn probably best known for its quote from stylised mobster movie Pulp Fiction – surely Huey would make a perfect Mack the Knife?!