About me

I’m Senior Lecturer in German at the University of Liverpool, specialising in contemporary German-language literature and translation. I research and teach short stories, novels, films and culture, as well as translation and grammar.

I’m also a translator of German-language fiction.

And here’s the autobiographical bit…

I was born in Glasgow (no, I’m not going to tell you when) but have been an expat most of my life (in Kent, Lancashire and elsewhere). You can draw your own conclusions about my interest in foreign languages as a result…

My heart belongs to Berlin though: I spent a year there as part of my degree (in French and German), and that’s what set me on the career path I’m on now.

I’ve always been A Reader (in the Bill Hicks sense), maxing out my library card and trying interlibrary loans at the tender age of 13 (well, it was really important to read the entire Chalet School series: another key influence in my language learning, as it happens).

Now I get to do that for my job, at least in between teaching various forms of reading, writing about reading (that’ll be my research work), and re-writing things I read in another language (aka translation).


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